Know about Popcorn Time Safety and Ransomware

Hi Lovely clients !

The name 'Popcorn Time' has been utilized by many individuals that don't have a line of advancement to the first Popcorn Time application (get a kick out of the chance to the best of our insight just us have). We for the most part don't contribute any vitality to fence off fakes in light of the fact that our clients are savvy enough not to be tricked by a Popcorn Time App that will approach them for cash to be utilized or bother them with a VPN membership.


That said it has been conveyed to our consideration that a ransomware with the name Popcorn Time App has coursed around the web for two or three days. We are obviously not related at all with this ransomware that piggybacks our name and exertion. In any case, we feel it is an incredible event to tell all our stunning clients that they should utilize a sheltered rendition where they know how it is manufactured, not by who, but rather that all the code is accessible for everybody to examine and anybody will have the capacity to construct it autonomously, you know this is the reason Popcorn Time dependably has been and dependably will be Free Software !

We know this can be somewhat specialized, yet when your security is in danger we go for broke to talk grimy tech. To maintain a strategic distance from fishy forks of Popcorn Time (that don't submit to open-source standards) you should ensure they give clear connects to their source code and that the code autonomously constructed matches the parallels that they transport (you can approach on our reddit for free forms in the event that you can't do it without anyone else's help) that is the best way to guarantee you don't get code that could hurt your information or your PC.

For our situation you can likewise check source code and last discharge 0.3.10 is work as it's based on our Jenkins case:


On the off chance that you got your Popcorn Time form from some other place than or If you are uncertain of the Popcorn Time variant you are running we prescribe uninstalling it and get a crisp duplicate from The establishment can be checked throught Popcorn Time Jenkins .

Popcorn Time Fingerprint checking

Our Popcorn Time does not require any head rights to be introduced on your PC, the main thing it may require are some firewall designs to permit torrenting over your system.

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